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XRC8 Comp Series 8,000 lb. Winch



Description & Product Application Guide

  • Rated Line Pull: 8000Lbs (3630kgs) single-line

  • Motor: 5.5hp Series Wound

  • Control: Remote Switch, 12' (3.7m) lead

  • Gear Train: 3-Stage Planetary

  • Gear Ratio: 172.8:1

  • Clutch: Rotating Ring Gear

  • Brake: Automatic In-The-Drum

  • Drum Size: Diameter 2.5 (63.5mm) Length 8.75 (222mm)

  • Synthetic Rope: 94' 21/64” Diameter (28m, 8.2mm Diameter)

  • Battery Leads: 25mm2, 72(1.83m)

  • Finish: Black

  • Weight: 63.0Lbs (42.5Kgs)

  • Mounting bolt pattern: 10 x 4.50

The new Smittybilt XRC-8 Winch encompasses all the best features you would want in a winch. Every XRC-8 (8,000 LB.) winch features a 5.5HP Series Wound Motor and a Planetary Gear System with 172.8:1 gear ratio that will deliver power and reliability at a economical price. For a recovery system with the muscle and dependability to bail you out of any situation, the XRC-8 has all the heavy-duty toughness you're looking for. SYNTHETIC WINCH ROPE DSK-75 8,000lbs. 94ft.- 1/7th the Weight of Steel Cable - No Kinks, Curls or Wire Splinters to Deal With - Minimal Stretch – Non Rotational - UV & Abrasive Resistant. Specially coated to prevent slippage of the winch drum. - Comes with a protective sleeve to prevent overheating. XRC COMPETITION ALUMINUM FAIRLEAD - Manufactured from High-Grade Billet Aluminum material. - Protects your synthetic rope from excessive wear. Reduces binding and friction caused by angled pulls and will not fray or tangle your synthetic winch rope. Standard bolt pattern.

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Ford Raptor Rear Hydraulic Bumpstop System



Description & Product Application Guide

What does the bumpstop do? In short, a bumpstop's job is to control the final up travel of the suspension. Many Raptor owners are using their vehicles beyond their intended design and are often loaded with additional weight, which when combined results in VERY high suspension impact speeds. The factory rear bumpstop is made of foam rubber and is limited on how much energy it can absorb.  Ford Raptors have a couple of unique issues that are problematic for proper control of bumpstop forces.  The factory rear bumpstops are mounted in a manner that allows for the rubber to squish out to the side of its mount, allowing metal to metal contact.  The frame surrounding the OEM bumpstop mount is not capable of these kinds of forces and with repeated abuse can lead to frame damage not covered by warranty.

The more robust solution is a hydro-pneumatic bump shock or "air bump". ICON's hydraulic bumpstop uses oil and nitrogen to do two tasks: function as a spring and a shock. An internal nitrogen charge is compressed when the air bump is compressed to act as a spring, similar to the OEM bumpstop. The difference is hydraulic air bumps are adjustable and can be tuned to have low impact forces at the beginning of the travel, and ramp theoretically to infinity at the end. Unlike the factory bumpstop, ICON's hydraulic bumpstop incorporates oil along with a damping piston internally to control the amount of energy that is returned to the suspension, reducing the vehicles tendency to kick. The oil and damping piston also control the compression of the air bump relative to speed which is important for Raptors hitting obstacles at extreme speeds.

Our resulting dynamic system is one that is soft and compliant allowing full suspension travel at slow speeds, yet at high speeds will create very high forces to resist bottoming out. ICON's Ford Raptor hydraulic bumpstop system uses a 2.5" travel air bump allowing the shock additional distance to control energy, and does not interfere with suspension travel under normal driving conditions. The clamshell bracket design with triangulated cross braces not only gives a rigid mounting point for the air bump, it helps support a known weak part of the frame prone to failure.

Key Features:

•  Designed for increased leaf spring clearance so there is no loss in up travel with stock or aftermarket springs

•  Easy bolt on installation without having to remove the truck bed

•  6061 Solid billet cross bar that is polished & anodized

•  Bumpstop striker pad does not require leaf spring disassembly

•  Comfortable on road manners with sufficient damping capability under extreme load

•  Hydro-pneumatic bumpstop increases bump energy capacity

•  Velocity sensitive hydraulic bumpstop increases the amount of energy absorbed the faster it is hit

•  Reduces rear end kick and improves overall performance

•  Clamshell brackets strengthen frame in critical areas preventing frame damage from extreme off road use

•  Cross member and tension rods stabilize frame rails and prevent twisting under hard impacts

•  Increases frame rigidity and improves overall vehicle dynamics

•  Industry first billet cross beam

•  Pre-tuned and Nitrogen charged for most Ford Raptors

•  Integrated adjustability for future ICON Raptor specific products

Bumpstop Features:

• Linear-digressive piston which compliments a bumpstop over the industry standard linear-linear piston. Infinite tuning options with valve stack, oil volume, and nitrogen pressure adjustments

• CAD Plated body for corrosion free service

• Urethane rod seal and wiper for long service life

• User serviceable and tunable


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